Stefanie Knorr
Nature holds a special significance as a source of inspiration for Stefanie Knorr's work. For over four decades, she has engaged with the durability of nature and its elements, using them as the basis for her creative process. The artist approaches plant or stone as an object and uses it as a kind of model. Using a magnifying glass, she examines the smooth or rough surfaces, looks at structures and grain patterns, and studies the individual objects visually and haptically. After that, the meditation begins by mentally entering the interior spaces of the objects. She smells, feels, tastes, and climbs or overcomes obstacles, feeling free and safe. Through drawings, she conveys her experiences to the outside and thus into the consciousness of those viewing them. On up to 20-meter-long transparent sheets of paper, she draws her experiences with her eyes closed, pushing and pulling various pens and charcoal with different intensities, cautiously or firmly, across the paper. On the one hand, this work serves as preparation for works of art and, on the other hand, as printing templates made of wires and cardboard. The partial combination of print graphics, drawings, and painting is essential for the artist in creating spaces. For these works, she no longer uses new papers and textiles to accentuate her appreciation of nature. The production of large paper bowls in which she incorporates her works illustrates the three-dimensionality of the experience. On the one hand, it is an immersion in the weightlessness of nature's history, which brings it into the present, and on the other hand, it is the confrontation with the richness of nature and the threat to our own living space caused by us as earth inhabitants, which we must appreciate as viewers. Inevitably, one's own engagement begins - a confrontation.